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  • Do not open the water heater when performing the installation. It's not necessary and it will void the warranty.
  • If you are installing an N-120 like in the picture shown use cable 8AWG from the water heater to the breaker panel, but if that distance is bigger than 50ft you must use cable 6AWG. Note: The wire size required might vary by local electric codes.
  • Use rigid copper pipe (Dia. 1/2") with related accessories or CPVC (Dia. 1/2") plastic plumbing pipe.
  • Refer to our Recommended Applications for the appropriate type and quantity of breakers to use. The N-120 (picture shown) would use a 60Amp double pole breaker (2X60X220VAC).
  • Do not use Teflon tape or plastic on the threads of the inlet or outlet of the unit as it might go inside the unit and cause a malfunction.
  • Do not weld the compression fittings.
  • It is recommended to install a breaker panel close to the water heater for connecting and disconnecting for security and maintenance purpose.
  • Never weld galvanized or copper pipes next to the water heater. At the moment of installation it is recommended to take out the water heater before welding.
  • Excess solder paste use should be avoided to keep it from going inside the unit.
  • Before powering the unit on make sure there is no leak in the water pipes.