Do it Yourself

Plumbing Installation

  • The Titan tankless water heater works only in horizontal position
  • It is designed to be installed with pipes and accessories of copper or CPVC with 1/2 inch of diameter. Tighten the nuts in the inlet of cold water and the outlet of hot water without using Teflon tape. Use a 7/8” wrench so the nuts are not damaged
  • For ease of service, install a shut-off valve both in the inlet and in the outlet of the unit
  • It is recommended to install a sediment filter to prolong the life of the unit and a pressure relief valve as a safety precaution
  • Secure the unit to the wall utilizing two screws vertically spaced by 6 1/2 inches
  • Allow water to circulate in the new installation to make sure there are no leaks in the installation


Electric Installation

  • The connection cable between the unit and the safety switch should be 8AWG or 6AWG depending on the power of the model selected and the distance with respect to the main breaker panel. If the distance exceeds 50ft you should always use 6AWG
  • To avoid an energy overload, you must install the appropriate breaker in the safety switch. The breaker should be of same size or bigger than the  energy consumption of the model being installed
  • Make sure the joints are rightly made and properly isolated. Do not forget to install the neutral (ground) wire to the main breaker panel
  • Before you energize the unit, allow water to circulate during approximately 20 seconds to make sure the unit doesn’t work dry, which will damage the heating elements