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My Titan doesn't stop heating even after I close the hot water

If the Titan water heater doesn't stop heating after you have turned off the hot water, you most likely have a bad SCR (Silicon-Controlled Rectifier) inside the unit. That will trip the thermostat due to uncontrolled heat and the water heater will shut off. In that case, it is recommended that the unit be sent for repair.

If you do the following in the exact same order you can verify whether you have defective SCR or not.

If you turn off the breaker, reset the thermostat, open the hot water all the way on, and then turn on the breaker again, you will have hot water again for as long as the hot water is open. As soon as the hot water is turned off the thermostat will trip again in approximately a minute. That's how you know there is one SCR in short circuit. If the unit doesn’t shut off, then the problem was caused by a jammed flow switch maybe because of sediment. You can then continue using your water heater, but it is recommended that the unit be serviced.

Do not repeat the above steps more than once since the heat created when the water heater continues heating without water flowing can do much more damage to the unit.