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How to reset the Titan tankless water heater

The process of resetting the Titan Tankless water heater‘s thermostat most always start by turning off the breaker to avoid the risk of electric shock. So, SHUT OFF THE BREAKER. There should be a pin hole in the front of the water heater toward the center-left side surrounded by a sticker. You will need to find something sturdy and with an approximate length of no less than 1 inch long i.e. a nail, or a very thin screw driver. Stick it through the pin hole straight so that you properly locate the center of the reset button inside the metal enclosure and push until you hear a click.

At that point the thermostat should be reset. Do not forget to remove from the pin hole the object used to reset the thermostat. Sometimes, there may be too much noise around you and you may not hear it click. Try the process one more time.

After doing so, turn on the breaker and see if your stand by light is on or if your screen displays anything.

If nothing happens you will most likely need to send the unit to be serviced.

If your stand by light goes on or your screen displays information check to see if you have hot water. If so, your unit has been successfully reset. However, if you find yourself resetting it too often you will have to send it for service.