Our Best Sellers
  • Titan N-160 SCr-3

    Titan N-160 tankless water heater

    The Titan N-160 Tankless Water Heater provides hot water for a whole house or apartment. Displays the voltage, current, power, and the output water temperature.
  • Titan SCR-2 Model N-120

    Titan N-120 tankless water heater

    The Titan N-120 Tankless water heater is great for 2 bathroom apartment or house. Save 60% on your electrical cost to heat water. Pays itself in 1 year.
  • Titan N-180 water heater

    Titan N-180 tankless water heater

    The TITAN SCR-4 Model N-180 is rated at 18 KW which is ideal residential and some commercial applications. Suitable for cold weather.
  • Titan N-210

    Titan N-210 tankless water heater

    The TITAN N-210 is rated at 21 KW. It is designed for large houses and cold climates where higher temperature rise is demanded.
  • Titan N-270

    Titan N-270 tankless water heater

    The N-270 is the most powerful Titan Tankless water heater. Designed for cold climates, large houses, or applications requiring higher water temperature rise