Titan’s Tankless Water Heaters

In a world where energy crisis and conservation of energy are concepts that aren’t just something read in science books, rather it has become a staple knowledge for young and old alike, the need to shift towards solutions that help conserve energy has taken on primary importance both in a bid to conserve energy and to save on energy bills. Shifting to greener and more energy-conserving solutions is crucial to promote a sustainable environment while rewarding its users with financial efficiency as well.

Titan’s Tankless water heaters offer that solution with the added advantage of increased utility. The implementation of technology of using high powered heating elements to heat the water directly as it passes through the heat exchanger on its way to the taps in the washrooms, eliminates the redundancy of consuming energy to keep water heated in tanks even when it’s not being used. A little change goes a long way in reducing the carbon footprint that we leave on our environment, contributing to the long-term sustainability of our environment and by slowing down the rapid depletion of the finite energy resources our planet has.

Tankless water heaters are also known as instant water heaters or on-demand water heaters that heat up the water only when required instead of keeping it hot on stand-by. This technology allows for the water to be heated up in real time as the water passed through it on its way to the faucet, without any start-up waiting time, hence providing the user with the same regular supply of hot water that the traditional tank water heaters provided while using only a fraction of energy used by the tank water heaters.

Powered by electricity or gas, tankless water heaters on average consume 22 percent less energy than the conventional storage-tank water heaters even when fueled by gas, a cheaper alternative to electricity. Using tankless water heaters can increase energy efficiency up by 22 to 34 percent depending upon the volume and frequency of hot water usage.

Tankless water heaters cost about the same and in many occasions less than their traditional counterparts, the initial investment is well worth it both for the savings in energy bills and long-term usability of the product. While the storage tank water heaters can last for 10-15 years on average, often ending in flooding your house or the basement where they are installed as they break down to mark the end of their productivity, you can count on the tankless water heaters to give you about the same amount of years of utility without ending in a disaster.

Pros and Cons of Using Tankless Water Heaters:

Just like no product comes without its downside, tankless water heaters also come with their fair share of cons but their pros far outweigh the cons, while providing options to further reduce its cons.

Some of the many advantages of using tankless water heaters are as follows:

  1. Helps save energy and money in lieu of energy bills over a prolonged period of time.
  2. Estimates established by Energy.gov, a department of US Government dedicated to addressing environmental and energy challenges, households using 41 gallons or less of hot water on a daily average, the energy efficiency increases to 24% - 34% by switching to tankless water heaters.
  3. The compact size and absence of a huge storage tank make the tankless water heaters space efficient as well, hence making it easier to be installed directly in the washrooms and kitchens where they are required.
  4. Their compact size also allows them to be installed in homes where space is limited.
  5. There is no waiting needed for the hot water to start running out of your taps, making instant and a consistent supply of hot water possible with the ability to deliver as much as two to 5 gallons of running hot water per minute.
  6. While the storage tank water heaters sometimes take time to heat up the entire body of water present in the storage tank and the varying level of hotness of water due to the addition of cold water to compensate for the hot water leaving the tank, tankless water heaters maintain a steady and instant supply of hot water with a consistent temperature.
  7. The resale value of homes that come fitted with tankless water heaters is also slightly higher.


While the disadvantages of tankless water heaters are these:

  1. Since this is a new technology and most of the installation provisions in houses are to support storage tank water heaters, the installation costs of tankless water heaters can also run higher as the plumber installing these will often have to make the necessary modifications before installation.
  2. One of the downsides of instant heating of water is the low output in the face of multiple outlets using the same tankless water heater at the same time, for example running several faucets at the same time. This can be rectified by installing a dedicated tankless water heater at each point of demand or installing a more powerful tankless water heater.


Types of Tankless Water Heaters Based on Source of Energy

There are two types of Tankless water heaters based on the source of energy that is required to make them work:

  1. Electric Tankless Water Heaters

The electric tankless water heaters are powered by electricity. They can be directly plugged into a power source while conserving electricity based on the on-demand heating system as compared to the traditional water heaters that use up considerably more electricity to keep the water hot at all times even when it is not needed. Since all homes are outfitted with electrical energy, tankless water heaters that run on electricity are the most commonly used type of water heaters.

  1. Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Another source of energy for tankless water heaters can be gas. Tankless water heaters that are fueled by gas follow the same principle of energy conservation due to on-demand heating of water. Since gas is not available in all houses, gas powered tankless water heaters are not as common as their counterparts that run on electricity.


While the tankless water heaters technology has revolutionized the instant water heating systems, getting one without paying much heed to the brand behind it might not deliver the same efficiency. So it is very important to go with the brands that have already established product reliability and built a name in the production of efficient tankless water heaters like Titan’s Tankless Water Heaters.

As the market leaders in providing tankless water heaters, Titan is a household name when it comes to providing an efficient solution for all your water heating needs. Titans Tankless prides itself in providing products that are not only cost efficient and take up the minimum space but are also reliable and durable. Choose from a wide range of innovative products from the Titans Tankless line of instant water heaters to best fit your need so you can fulfill your duty towards the environment by playing your part in reducing the daily energy consumption that is taking a staggering toll on our environment, while enjoying the comfort and efficiency of hassle-free and uninterrupted supply of hot water whenever you need it – the instant you need it!            



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