Frequently Asked Questions


What to do if my water heater breaks?
Your water heater comes with 1 year of warranty on parts and 10 years against leak with the manufacturer. They will repair your water heater after the warranty have expired for a flat rate. If your water heater breaks, you should call the manufacturer at the numbers below:
Technical Support line: 1-888-848-2680
Main Office: 305-876-9010
    Can I change my order once it has been submitted?
    Unfortunately you cannot. If you contact us immediately after placing the order, we can probably make the change(s) you request. If the order has been charged, we cannot make any changes and the order will have to be cancelled.


    How do I keep track of my order's progress?
    UsaTankless will keep you informed of your order via e-mail. Your tracking number will be emailed to you once the item is shipped. You may also check your order status by visiting your carrier website with the tracking information provided by us. If there are any problems with your order, you will receive an automated email from us immediately.


    How can I pay for my UsaTankless purchase?
    UsaTankless accepts most credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network, American Express. You can also submit your payment via PayPal or Google Checkout


    Does UsaTankless charge sales tax?
    UsaTankless charges the appropriate state and/or local sales tax for any order shipping to Florida. Sales taxes for orders shipped outside Florida are not applied. Please, note that your state of residence may require you to pay sales or use tax and file sales or use tax return for certain purchases. Please consult your city, county and state tax rates to determine your applicable sales or use tax.


    Why was my credit/debit card declined when I know for certain that I have the funds available? How do I resubmit my order?
    A credit card charge can be declined due to an incorrectly-entered credit card number or expiration date, a daily limit, insufficient credit or other reasons. If the information you submitted was correct, then the reason could be that your bank or credit card company simply did not authorize us to charge the card. After they have confirmed it is ok for us to re-authorize the payment, go back to step 1 and resubmit your order.
    1. Please re-enter your credit card information and/or to update or change your payment method. You will then receive a 'real time' authorization for the charge of your credit card.
    2. If your credit card is still declined, please contact your credit card company as soon as possible and let them know you placed an order with UsaTankless, and find out why they would not authorize us to charge your card.


    Is it possible to request that the carrier hold my package(s)? Can I have a package re-routed to a different address?
    Due to fraud concerns, Usatankless does not give the carrier consent to hold packages for customers to pick up at their local facilities. We humbly apologize for any inconvenience, but we feel that this precautionary measure is necessary to safeguard your purchased items. Similarly, UsaTankless will not request that a package be re-routed to an alternative location once it is in transit to the shipping address specified on the original order.


    How can I save 60% on energy for heating water?
    A Tankless water heater heats the water only while you keep the hot water opened (on demand). Which means it only consumes energy when hot water is desired. In an effort to maintain the set temperature of the stored water, traditional tank type water heaters continue heating the water even when you don't need it all day and night; which is very inefficient and costly.


    Where can a Tankless Water Heater be installed?
    Basically anywhere you encounter a wall or a hard vertical surface to attach it to either indoor or outdoor. These units don't need ventilation. They must be protected from the weather elements when installed outdoor. Their compact design allows them to be installed anywhere. You can install your unit where the old tank heater was while saving plenty of space.


    What model is suitable for my application?
    To find out what's the appropriate model for your application please refer to our Model Selector.


    Can I install the unit myself?
    Yes, you or any plumber can install this unit as it is easier and less cumbersome to install than a conventional water heater. A licensed electrician is needed if there is no existing 220 volt outlet.


    Do Titan water heaters work well with hard water?
    Yes, these units are very resistant to hard water.


    Are special venting required?
    Titan water heaters require no venting at all.


    Can I install my water heater in a trailer home? What about a school?
    Titan water heater can be installed anywhere hot water is needed. Houses, Apartments, Condominiums, Hospitals, Boats, Beauty Salons, Laboratories, Campers, Offices, Trailer Homes, RVs, Restaurants, Factories, and Schools.


    Will the water come out hot right after I open the faucet?
    If there wasn't for the cold water trapped in the pipe you would have instant hot water coming out of the faucets. That will not happen until the cold water is pushed out by the hot water, which will take a few seconds depending on how far away the water heater is from the faucet. After that you will have endless hot water.


    What size are the inlet and outlet?


    How long will my unit last?
    The life expectancy of the unit is approximately 15-20 years.


    What warranty does my unit carry?
    Titan units carry a 1 year warranty on electronics and components and 10 years in casing. Thereafter, the unit can be sent for reparation for $50.00, which gives you an additional 1 year of warranty plus includes the cost of shipping the unit back to you using UPS Ground.


    How do I adjust the temperature of the water?
    Open the hot water faucet and let the water run while you push the up/down buttons in the front of the unit until you reach the desired temperature. Notice that the temperature will drop as you open more faucets at the same time. Adjust the temperature accordingly.
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