Titan water heater stopped working. All lights (LEDs) are off

Titan water heater stopped working. All lights (LEDs) are off

The first thing to check when the Titan water heater stops working is the status of the lights in the front panel, or the display in the case of the digital models that include display.

If there are no lights at all or the display has no information (blank and off) your Titan water heater either is not receiving power, the thermostat has tripped, or the PC Board is damaged.

Start first with the obvious. Check that the water heater is receiving power.

If the water heater is powered properly, the next thing to check is whether the thermostat has tripped. Contact the manufacturer so they can show you how to reset the unit.

If resetting the water heater didn’t solve the problem, the electronic board of the water heater is probably defective.

Note: If the above don't help you solve the problem, you should call the manufacturer Niagara Industries at:

Technical Support: 1-888-848-2680

Main line: 305-876-9010

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