Titan red LED lights blinking

Titan red LED lights blinking

If your Titan water heater was manufactured after 10/29/2018 it is equipped with a smart, self diagnostic circuit board.

-If your titan water heater has all 4 red LED lights blinking on and off, that means a critical component on the circuit board is defective, and you need to replace the circuit board.

-If your water heater has 3 red LED lights turning on and off, it means your unit has detected a very high temperature do to a number of factors such as:

        1. A stocked flow switch due to sediment buildup or debris preventing the flow switch from moving freely inside the chamber

         2. The spring inside the chamber is defective or tangled up.

         3. SCR in short circuit

         4. Defective critical component in the circuit board.

- If 2 LED lights are blinking on your Titan water heater, it means either the red key, the blue key, or both are stocked. It can be easily corrected by moving them to the sides until the lights stop blinking on an off.

Note: If the above don't help you solve the problem, you should call the manufacturer Niagara Industries at:

Technical Support: 1-888-848-2680

Main line: 305-876-9010

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