How to reset or reboot the Titan tankless water heater

How to reset the Titan tankless water heater

The thermostat of the Titan water heater trips to protect the unit when it has detected a temperature that is higher than the normal operating temperature. Resetting the water heater is a simple process that can be performed at home in no time with little to none technical knowledge.

For safety precaution we have removed the instructions on how to reset the Titan Water Heater.

Please call the manufacturer's techinical support line at 888-Titan-80 (888-848-2680) or the main line 305-876-9010. They will walk you through the steps to reset your Titan water heater. They have setup an anwering machine that answers many common questions related to the installation and troubleshouting of the Titan water heater. You can also email them at anytime to and they are usually very fast to respond. 

Note: The Titan water heater should only need a reset if the green LED light in not on, or the display in the big units is showing no information. If it is on, a reset is not needed and will not fix anything in the water heater.

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