Factors affecting the output water temperature

Factors affecting the output water temperature of the Titan water heater

1. Water inlet temperature:

The higher the water inlet temperature is, the higher the water output temperature will be. Let’s take, for example, a water heater rated at 11.8 Kw, the Titan N-120 which raises temperature 48 deg F at 2 gpm. If we circulate through it 2 gpm of water coming in at 70 deg F, the outlet water temperature will be 118 deg F. That is (70 deg F + 48 deg F). If we, however, circulate water through the water heater at 2 gpm, but this time coming in at 85 deg F; the output water temperature will be 133 deg F.

2. Distance between the water heater and the point of use of hot water:

At 11.8 Kw the Titan Tankless water heater N120 produces 2.82 Kcalories/seg which are transferred to the water by 99%. Therefore, there is almost no loss. However, when water enters the pipe that will carry it to its place of use a heat exchange between water and the pipe begins and seconds later starts another heat exchange between the pipe and the environment. These heat exchanges are nothing but losses of energy (as heat in our case). There are three factors that influence the rate of loss: the length of the pipe, the material the pipe is made of, and the insulation the pipe may have. The longer the pipe carrying the hot water, the greater the loss and lower the output water temperature. Regarding materials, copper pipes facilitate more heat loss than PVC pipes. However, good quality constructions use copper pipes for being more durable, but they are wrapped with a thermal insulator. Although, thermal insulation may seem expensive at first, the energy savings it provides pays its cost several times. The savings are even bigger in cold climates.

3. Volume in use:

As the flow of water through the water heater is increased, the capacity of the water heater to heat the water decreases, resulting in a decrease of the output water temperature.

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